Sunday, August 19, 2007

Writing again

So I think working in a room full of books is starting to have some sort of osmosis effect on me. Tonight I managed to sit down and tap out the first pages of what I hope turns into a nice little short story. This is pretty much the first time in a year that I've had the chance to get some writing in for my own sake and not an instance of PR student flackery. Even that, short of the poetry open mics, I think the last time I finished something of any length was the children's story I did back in High School. If only "The Adventures of Bi-Polar Bear and Olive Ewe" was entirely age appropriate for me to read at work. Still for the possible one or two people that may read this, do me a favor and ride my ass to keep working on this.

Oh yeah, and a random thought while nursing a beer, after the term "resting on your laurels" was coined, does that by default mean that Emperors and Olympians get asshats?

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