Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Act II: the end of summer

-In which I feel evil, give a desk attendant at the local hospital something to tell her friends, and probably make an advertising executive really happy.
So I'm outside the coffee house, a bus goes past with an ad on the side for the local hospital, it reads "When it comes to babies, we deliver!"
Out comes the phone, in goes the number, through goes the call...

"******** Hospital, how may I direct your call?"
"Hi, I'm calling regarding an ad on one of your buses concerning your new services"
"Which of our new services would that be, sir?"
"Well, the baby delivery part"
"Sir, we've been capable of providing quality care in that department for quite a while now."
"Ok, good to know, see, I live out on Arrowhead Ave. and I was getting a bit tired of ordering pizzas all the time, what's the average time on a delivery?"
"Well, from start to finish sir, usually about nine months"
"Wow, I'd imagine it might get cold by that point, I was hoping to have one delivered to my area in the half-hour range, that won't be possible?"
"...Ok, who the hell is this?"
"Nevermind, miss, Chinese it is then, you have a good night."

I love this town.

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